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Oh Baby: Scientists Find Protein That Lets Egg and Sperm Hook Up -
You can forget about the birds and the bees. If you really want to learn how babies are made, you need to know about Juno and Izumo.Fertilization takes place when an egg cell and a sperm cell recognize one another and fuse to form an embryo.
  • Will Missing Malaysian Airlines Jet Remains Ever Be Found? -
    Retrieving wreckage of the missing Malaysian jet and its black boxes has been met with dead ends and misplaced hope, leaving families to wonder whether the remains of their loved ones — or at least personal effects — can ever be found.
  • Give Me Your Google Glass and Nobody Gets Hurt! -
    Smartphones are enticing targets for thieves. It stands to reason that if a shiny new iPhone is attractive to crooks, Google Glass, essentially a $1,500 computer you wear on your face, should be irresistible.
  • Doctors' Free Samples Have a Hidden Cost -
    Most people appreciate a free sample. But at the dermatologist’s office, that freebie might come with a hidden cost. A new study finds that giving out samples may actually change which drugs a doctor prescribes.
  • Spring Snow Chills Spirits and Buries Flowers -
    A cold front swept as far south as Louisiana on Tuesday, dumping several inches of snow in parts of upstate New York and an icy dusting in New York City overnight.

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