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Weather From WRNR with Bob Kucken

Big winter chill on the way for Thursday through the weekend!

Mild early January temperatures will be pushed out of town beginning Thursday with a strong Midwestern cold front coming across the EP this week. Temperatures that ave averaged several degrees above normal in the rain will drop to several degrees below normal – and  a chance of snow showers.

Wednesday: Falling temperatures in the afternoon to a nighttime low of 22. Windy with sharp wind chill values around 10 degrees.

Thursday: Scattered snow showers with variable clouds. High 32. Low 22.

Friday through Sunday: Sunny to partly sunny skies and cold. Highs near 30. Lows near 15.


June was hotter than ever across the nation, and July is promising plenty of additional summer heat. Next week, we’re seeing signs of an extended, intense and widespread heat wave developing for the Eastern U.S. , expected to last over the next couple of weeks. With the exception of Saturday 7/16, we’re expecting daytime highs of 90 degrees or better beginning Thursday 7/14 and running through the 14 day outlook. Expect higher humidity as well, as the wind flow will be coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. But despite the humidity, the forecast is also for below average precipitation.

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Both the European, or ECMWF, and the GFS models are showing the extreme heat developing early in the week of 7/17 and growing hotter and covering more of the nation through the week.

Here are some heat wave safety tips – stay cool…remember this?

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