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  • Happy Easter! Happy Spring – the beginning of sneezin’ season!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring – the beginning of sneezin’ season!

27 March 2016 Weather

We’ve got a pretty dry Easter forecast in store for the day, although clouds will increase especially in the afternoon. A period of rain will likely develop into the evening and taper off as showers into Monday. Overall the week is pretty dry until late Thursday and Friday. We will see late week highs into the low 70s before a strong cold front comes into play for next weekend and Monday 4/4…highs in the 40s will take us 15-20 degrees below normal for a few days even with plenty of sunshine. As temperatures moderate again through late next week, showers chances increase Thursday 4/7 through Saturday 4/9.

Pollen s becoming a factor in the Eastern Panhandle now that buds are bursting and Spring is coming alive! Tree pollen is a big deal this week with high to very high levels iin the forecast, along with breezy conditions that will keep it moving through the air until we see some showers again around Thursday night.