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Weather Forecast from Bob Kucken

A mild last few days of winter…

15 March 2016 Weather

Nothing too surprising about this. The winter of 2016 has been a wild one for sure! We’ve got above average temperatures forecast until the weekend (60 today, 70 Wednesday, 60 Thursday, 57 Friday). A couple of weak waves of unstable atmosphere will be crossing the EP here not only today with the morning rain, but again late tomorrow and probably midday on Thursday. Once past, cooler air comes in with weekend high actually a few degrees below average (51 on Saturday, 48 Sunday – normal is 54 by then). Sunshine through Saturday will be followed by some wet weather as Spring arrives just after midnight on Sunday morning (12:38am I believe – have to check that). At that point it will be cold enough that we’ll see a mix of rain and snow showers into the morning on Sunday.